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Degen Duckz

Degen Duckz are a collection of 5000 NFT’s made up of hundreds of traits being launched on the Tezos Blockchain. Degen Duckz aims to build a brand with a community driven approach and provide a high quality “Blue Chip” NFT set on the Tezos Blockchain. Ultimately the project aims to be collaborative and the community will decide on the direction of which the Degen Duckz brand decides to build itself out. The road map will be funded from a community fund/treasury. Degen Duckz aims to be affordable and inclusive for everyone at minting allowing as many people to participate.

Degen Duckz Preview

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What is Degen Duckz?

Degen Duckz is a high quality PFP NFT set of 5000 Degen Duckz. Each duck has 8 variable traits (background, eyes, hat/hairs, skin/fur, eyewear, beak/mouth, shirt, and necklace) with hundreds of different visually exciting traits designed for the Tezos Blockchain. While there is no specific “utility” behind the Degen Duckz there are a few core beliefs and benefits behind the Degen Duckz NFT project.

1. Releasing the highest quality, most appealing, and original art
2. Building a strong brand and community
3. Full ownership of your Duckz .You can modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.
4. Keeping up to date with new NFT trends and utilities to incorporate into Degen Duckz
5. Strong focus on #cleanNFT and global warming awareness, specifically in blockchain.
6. Collaborations, airdrops, and promotions with other Tezos NFT projects.

While there is a roadmap, ultimately we want the Degen Duckz project to be a community driven project. We plan to release a voting system for Duck Hodlers along with a community fund raised from royalties to decide on the best steps to build out the brand and community.


The Team

CEO BennyBoy



CoFounder Alex


CoFounder/Dapp Dev




Collaborating Artist


Collab Artist

Contract Dev


Contract Dev


Currently we have no set date for our sale. We are hoping before the end of June and will post more info once we have finalised the dates.

We are looking for a mint price of about 8-10 tez per Degen Duck. Given market conditions this is subject to change.

For now be active in the chat, shill the project, and keep an eye out for WL spot giveaways. We want to ensure everyone has a chance to mint a Degen Duck, there will be plenty of WL spots!

To ensure everyone has a chance to mint a Duck we will limit the amount of Duckz you can purchase to 10. This is subject to change.